Frequently asked questions


Location & Getting here

We are located near the town of Kettle Falls, in the NE corner of Washington state. It is about a 5.5/6 hour drive from Seattle and about 2 hours from Spokane International Airport. If flying into Spokane, an alternative to renting a car is the Gold Line bus service, which offers transportation from the Airport to Kettle Falls twice daily. Due to their schedule, it is recommended that you arrive Wednesday evening since their morning route gets you into Kettle Falls at 1:45 PM and we get started around noon. Let us know if you plan to take the bus and we will pick you up in Kettle Falls upon your arrival (and drop you off for your departure).

Minimum age for the Courses

There is no minimum age for the Shellfish Forage Course. For the Awaken the Hunter Course we recommend that any young hunters have taken and passed the WA State Hunter Education Certificate Course, which is required to purchase a hunting license for anyone born after 1971. Although we don't yet have a minimum age requirement, this will give an indication as to whether a young hunter has the interest and attention span to engage in four days of intense experiential learning. Our youngest participant has been seven.

Licence Requirements

A hunting license is not required to attend and participate in the Awaken the Hunter Course. For the spring offerings during the turkey season, there may be brief opportunities to hunt turkeys and participants would need a valid hunting license and turkey tag. Those without licenses can join the hunt as observers. A valid shellfishing license is required to partake in the Shellfish Forage Course. See the WDFW website for licensing information. Kids under 15 do not need a license to fish or gather shellfish, but they do to hunt.

Hunters Education certificate

Recommended, not required for the Awaken the Hunter Course. The Advanced Hunting Courses will require a valid hunting licence and appropriate tags, which will require passing the Hunter Ed Course for anyone born after 1971.

What should i bring ?

  • Tent & sleeping arrangements if you aren't staying in an outfitter tent (we have extra tents if you don't have your own)

  • Headlamp or flashlight

  • Water bottle

  • Towel

  • Hiking boots or sturdy shoes

  • Layers for temperature variations

  • Rain gear

  • Cooler
    A more detailed list will be provided with registration.

Is there a GENERAL daily SCHEDULE?

We will start with lunch on Thursday, followed by afternoon learning sessions. And the course will wrap up with lunch on Sunday, but you are welcome to stay into the afternoon or even another night if conducive to your travel schedule and/or arrive Wednesday evening (just let us know in advance). Breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be served (approximately at 7AM, Noon, and 6PM) and we will typically have morning and afternoon sessions 3-4 hours in length, followed by an optional evening discussion or guest speaker before or after dinner.

Are meals included?

Breakfast (and coffee!), lunch, and dinner will be provided between Thursday Lunch and Sunday Lunch. Our chef was trained professionally and practiced in Denmark before moving here. Many guests claim the food is better than available in most restaurants. We agree. We are fortunate to have such culinary talent to prepare the local meats and produce. If you elect to arrive early on Wednesday and would like to join us for meals prior to Thursday lunch, please let us know so we have food for you.

what's the typical Weather?

May, June, September, & October: the days are generally comfortably warm and dry but there could be some evening frost or rain so extra base layers and a warm sleeping bag and rain gear are recommended.

July - August: the days are typically hot (80's-90's) and sunny with cool evenings (50's).

November - February: Mountain winter conditions; snow accumulation peaks around mid-February. 

March - April: Variable spring conditions with higher chance of rains and frosty nights. 

Cancellation Policy

For multi-day courses, the cancellation deadline is 60 days prior to the start of a course. All requests for refunds must be made in writing. Cancellation requests received prior to the deadline will be charged a $50 administrative fee. No refunds will be issued after the deadline, however you may take advantage of a one-time transfer of your deposit to a later course date (if requested at least 30 days prior to the course) or to another participant. For short courses, the same timing and logic applies but the administrative fee is $20. 

Do you accept gratuity?

We do and we appreciate it. A lot goes into this program to create a quality, personal experience for each and every participant, from preparing fine meals to constantly improving upon the curriculum and creating a community atmosphere where everyone leaves realizing the potential that they just met new friends. Many of our past participants keep in touch with one another and plan hunting and gathering outings together. The reason for the sliding scale is to help make it more affordable to a broader range of future hunters and in essence allows individual participants to pay what the experience is worth to them.

is there a hospital near by?

Providence Mount Carmel Hospital is 18.12 miles (about a 30 min. drive). Emergency transportation also serves the region.
(509) 685-5100
982 E. Columbia Avenue
Colville, WA 99114

Will my mobile phone work there?

Most cell phone carriers have signals on site. AT&T and Verizon do for sure (with a decent data signal). T-Mobile also works but not as well.