Yoga and the Exploration of Hunting

A yoga retreat for hunters of all levels

May 16-19, 2019  |  Kettle Falls, WA

What does it look like to be deeply connected to the land, our food, and the life and energies that nourish and sustain us? A direct connection to our food and the circle of life and death was once commonplace. Are you curious about these primal connections honed by the hunters and gatherers over thousands of generations? Holistic hunting requires and offers a level of mindfulness and connection to our surroundings and a deep feeling of being grounded. Yoga, meditation, and hunting surprisingly share much in common in the pursuit of a deeper connection to nature and self.

Similar to our signature Awaken the Hunter course, hunting guide and yoga instructor, Jessie Allen, and yoga instructor and nutrition specialist, Ashley Chavez will lead you in a twice daily yoga practice in nature and spur deep dialogue about what it means to be a hunter.

Designed for those who are curious about the hunting philosophy and culture and are drawn to find out if hunting is or can be something that resonates within us, this course will provide the major tools and skills needed to begin the hunting journey (tracking, shooting bows and rifles, butchering and processing an animal, etc.), while fostering open dialogue about what it means to be a mindful hunter in this day and age. Some of the lessons are intended to get you outside your comfort zone and spur conversation and raise questions, about ourselves and our place in the world.  On top of all this, enjoy three gourmet meals a day prepared by our professional Danish Chef, Taus – created from local and wild foods and a lamb that you butcher.

“Yoga can be a helpful practice for hunters of all experience levels. Not only is it a physical practice to increase strength, balance and flexibility, which can prevent injuries in the backcountry; a consistent yoga practice can help equip the mind for the field.

The practice of yoga teaches us to tune into the present; to find a quiet, steady focus as we learn to detach from distracting mental noise. Our minds naturally wander, oftentimes pulling us out of the “now.” The aim of yoga is to bring our attention back; to heighten the awareness of our senses and be fully present.

Hunters can greatly benefit from this practice of finding steady calmness and presence; like using breath techniques to help ease nervousness, remaining focused while making quick decisions, mindfully assessing risk and consequence in the backcountry and increasing awareness to notice the subtleties of the landscape, weather patterns and animal behaviors.

While hunting, we learn to embed ourselves into the landscape and sync with the natural rhythm of the ecosystem. Adapting a yoga practice can greatly enhance the experience for the mindful hunter.”

- Jessie Allen, Hunting Guide & Yoga Instructor

Limited to small groups, there will be minimal classroom time with emphasis on hands-on, outdoor active learning. Gourmet (paleo-based) meals are included and sleeping arrangements will be outdoor camping style with limited indoor facilities available. Minimum recommended age is 18, (or 10 if accompanied by parent). We encourage parent/children teams so please talk to us if you’d like to bring a youngster with you who is younger than 10.

Maximum Participants: 10

Course Tuition: Introductory Special: Pay what you feel it’s worth (after a deposit).
Suggested Range: $900-$1600; Accompanied children under 21: $500

Registration Deposit (to secure your spot): $500 (additional $300 per accompanied child) Additional Course Fee of your choosing is due at the conclusion of the course.

Fee Structure: Our goal is to provide a quality experience and create value for your time and resources invested with us. We ask for final payment at the end of the course to allow for participants to evaluate what the experience is personally worth.

Included with Instruction: Gourmet meals prepared by our professional Danish chef (locally grown and wild food, breakfast, lunch & dinner - Thursday Lunch to Sunday Lunch), all course materials, tools, and equipment, on-site camping (camping tents available on a limited basis, and upgraded accommodations available), guest speakers, lively dialogue, and inclusion in our community network of past participants.

Arrive by noon on the start date. Contact us about arriving the night before if that is more convenient. 


(Emphasis on topics in bold)


  • Ethics, safety, history & philosophy of the hunt


  • Regulations, laws, seasons, cost of entry

  • Where to hunt (maps & research); Public lands; Scouting

  • Equipment essentials and options

In-Field Skills

  • Hunting strategies and approaches

  • Tracking, scouting, reading sign

  • Simulated Hunts

  • Stalking, walking with awareness

  • Wildlife identification and habitat

  • Reading topographic maps, using a compass 

Marksmanship & Firearms

  • Shooting: small & large caliber shooting skills, ballistics, how to choose a rifle, reloading

  • Shooting in the field: off-hand, kneeling, field conditions

  • Archery shooting

After the Shot

  • Following a blood trail

  • Ungulate/Ruminant anatomy lesson

  • Field dressing a large animal (gutting, skinning)

  • Field processing (quartering, boning out the carcass)

  • Processing/Butchering (boning the quarters, identifying different cuts, grinding, wrapping for the freezer)

  • Transporting game in the field

  • Caring for the meat in the field and at home


  • Foraging/wild edibles breakout session

See FAQ's for general gear requirements. More information on suggested gear will be provided with Registration Confirmation