Learn to Hunt Turkeys | Washington State

Essential lessons | Guided & Supported hunts | Gourmet meals

Spring Season  |  Kettle Falls, WA

Join us in the “Wild Turkey Hunting Capitol of Washington” for an intimate introduction to turkey hunting. Spend the first day learning essential preparations for the hunt: how to use calls, decoys, blinds, and other hunting strategies; pattern your shotgun; field dress a farm-raised bird; and learn to cook wild turkey - all in preparation for several days of wild turkey hunting (both guided and solo). Practice reading maps, finding potential hunting spots on public lands, and comparing notes with the other hunters and instructors after each hunt over gourmet meals prepared by our professional chef. Maybe even take home a wild turkey for your family and friends. Leave with the knowledge and confidence to plan and execute future outings on your own, and a deeper connection to the land and our food.

Limited to small groups, there will be minimal classroom time with emphasis on hands-on, outdoor active learning. Gourmet (paleo-based) meals are included and sleeping arrangements will be outdoor camping style with limited indoor facilities available. There are some upgradable sleeping arrangements available in wall tents/cabins. Minimum recommended age is 18, (or 10 if accompanied by parent). We encourage parent/children teams so please talk to us if you’d like to bring a youngster with you who is younger than 10.

Course Dates

  • April 13-17, 2020

Group Size: 6 Adults

Course Tuition: $1800-2400 sliding scale | $800 per accompanied child under 18

Registration Deposit (to secure your spot): $500

Fee Structure: Our goal is to provide a quality experience and create value for your time and resources invested with us. We ask for final payment at the end of the course to allow for participants to evaluate what the experience is personally worth.

Included in Course: Expert instruction and mentoring by Bruce McGlenn (present for entire course) and other guest instructors, gourmet meals prepared by our professional Danish chef (locally grown and wild food, breakfast, lunch & dinner), turkey call and Buck knife (both yours to keep), course materials, tools, and equipment, on-site camping (camping tents available on a limited basis, and upgraded accommodations available), lively dialogue, and inclusion in our community network of past participants; and an optional pre-hunt planning meeting in the Seattle area a few weeks prior.

Schedule: Arrive by noon on the start date. Contact us about arriving the night before if that is more convenient. 


History & Philosophy of the Hunt

Planning & Preparations & Equipment

Regulations & Laws

Tracking and Wildlife Identification

Hunting Strategies

Scouting & Maps

Calls, Decoys, Blinds

Shotguns, Shooting & Patterning

Field Dressing, Processing, and Caring for the meat

Cooking Wild Turkey

- Guided hunts on private property
- Facilitated hunts on public lands

Required Gear

Shotgun and matching ammo (#4 shot or smaller) - or muzzleloader, or bow/arrows
WA state hunting license and Turkey Tag(s)

Recommended Gear

Camouflage clothing

See FAQ's for general gear requirements. More information on suggested gear will be provided with Registration Confirmation