incredible memories for Rachel and me

I have been looking for a way to get in touch with nature and learn how to successfully and safely learn about hunting.  Having not grown up hunting, the idea of just going out into the woods with a deer tag didn't sit well with me.  Also, I very much wanted to learn while having my daughter be a part of this journey.  And no, I wasn't looking to just go shoot a trophy deer on a guided trip. 
I learned about the HNHS by way of the staff at Outdoor Emporium.  One of the guys spoke very highly of the McGlenn family.  So I did my research and spoke with Bruce numerous times.  It is a huge step driving someplace you have never been with your child to learn about hunting!  Bruce answered all of my questions and engaged me on what I was looking to learn. That was enough to get my daughter and me enrolled.
The experience that we had in Kettle Falls has created some incredible memories for Rachel and me.  In fact, my Father's Day gift this year was a book that Rachel created (with Mom's help) detailing our time there and what we learned.  We both came away with some incredible new skills.  The detailed portion on processing your animal was amazing and literally a start to finish task.  I now understand the preparation needed for what happens after you make the kill.  Rachel did struggle at first with the idea of killing in order to get meat.  I am glad she did and understood that connection between "Life" and what we put into our bodies and how that meat sustains us.  This is something that our culture has lost certainly with regard to food being so readily available at the grocery store.  The beauty of this process was that Rachel came to it in her time through the help of those at the school, without being forced.  Having made that decision then to join in she readily went to work with processing and by the end couldn't wait to get to the grinder with the meat.   
I simply can't say enough about Bruce and the school (concept) that he is offering to his students at his cabin.  There is NO ONE doing what the HNHS is doing with regard to hunt tactics, hunt preparation, overall safety, processing, etc.  This is one of those experiences that you will never forget and to be able to include your child in that process is amazing.   This school is geared so well to children because it is indeed more of an outdoor skills school.  By going out into the forest and foraging for your vegetables/roots and breaking down your own meat, you have the satisfaction of knowing that you can feed yourself in healthy ways.  
- Michael Nelson, Seattle, WA
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