Lead instructor, Bruce McGlenn, has over 30 years of bird and big game hunting experience in the Pacific Northwest. Prior to that he learned the ways of hunting from atop his father's shoulders during bird hunting trips in E. WA. Primarily a deer and elk hunter, he has also hunted antelope and caribou as well as waterfowl, upland birds, and turkey. Additionally, Bruce has been teaching introductory hunting and shooting classes with non-profits for the last 15 years and has been a fly fishing and a whitewater rafting guide. He is a certified Master Hunter, shooting instructor, holds a Master’s degree in sustainable business and is a licensed professional engineer in the state of WA.

John McGlenn

A lifelong hunter born and raised in Montana, John has taught shooting and hunting skills with Washington Outdoor Women for the last 15 years, as well as his sons and daughter how to hunt and fish. He has served on numerous committees and boards of conservation-based NGOs and is a founding board member and past president of The Washington Wildlife & Recreation Coalition and the current president of the Washington Wildlife Federation. John served two six year terms on the Washington Fish & Wildlife Commission (receiving the NWF Conservationist of the Year award during that time). He is a certified Master Hunter, a consulting engineer, and a Distinguished Marksman and Expert in rifle and pistol for the Navy. John learned to hunt from his father in the Flathead Valley. 

Guest instructors


J.D. grew up in a bowhunting family in Oregon.  One of his earliest memories from around the age of 3 or 4 is clinging to his great aunt Gladys’ leg while a cow elk thundered towards them, certain to run them over in an attempt to elude the rest of their family nearby. Mostly a deer and elk hunter, he has always used traditional bowhunting equipment: longbows and recurves and wood arrows homemade from local materials. Since that first encounter he has been within yards of deer, elk, bear, bobcat, moose, and countless other non-game animals that seemed unaware or accepting of his presence. J.D. has taken away more memories from hunting trips than he has animals. For him that is bowhunting. 


Transformative Experience

I had a life-changing time participating in Awakening the Hunter.
I can't more highly recommend this experience, especially for those who wish to explore their relationship with the hunt, nature and themselves.
Words can't do justice to this amazing and transformative experience, and I greatly look forward to attending their future offerings. Much gratitude for all who make this possible.
- Nick Vail
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unwavering commitment to teach others

As an aspiring new hunter in 2007, I met Bruce McGlenn who shared his multi-skilled approach to the craft and passion of hunting big game, his stories of physically challenging pursuits and his unwavering commitment to teach others to embrace the value of our outdoor experiences.  Just hearing the level of effort to prepare, encouraging safe marksmanship skills by practice and the reality of earning that notch in a game tag through personal responsibility jutted me forward in annual pursuit.
I often enjoy the feeling of pride that comes from a resurging confidence now that I have experienced the reward of tucking that sacred, red meat into my own freezer by a well-placed shot – the capstone to a thoughtful and engaged pursuit in the wild.
- Kristie Miller

Made Some New Friends

I strongly recommend this program to anyone interested in hunting as a conscious practice. I learned a lot about all aspects of hunting from start to finish, and I have a much better sense of how the practical aspects of hunting are entwined with ethical, spiritual, and global issues. Bruce is an excellent instructor and he's put together a strong supporting cast of kind, patient, and experienced guides. To top it all off, the food was great, I had a lot of fun, and made some new friends in the process. 
- Robert Lee

deep respect for the animals

Alex and I had a great time learning and hunting with Bruce. We were almost complete newbies when we headed out with him to his hunting grounds, and we left at the end of the day with the knowledge of how to set decoys, clean ducks, and many other skills you can't learn very well on your own. Bruce has a deep respect for the animals and the land, and we have a tremendous respect for him. For those of us who weren't lucky enough to learn from a family member, this was a great opportunity to start to gain the practical skills necessary to enjoy the sport of hunting in a safe, ethical way.  
- Eric & Alexandra